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Yantra Reading

A Yantra Reading takes a look at your life through the lense of The Chakra Energy System.

We will explore your Dominant Chakra Energy, your unique Energetic Expression and Life Path.

We will also look at the cycles of time & get an idea of where you are at within those cycles currently, through this you will gain a better understanding of where to be focusing your enrgy & time according to your unique Yantra Calendar.

Understand what possible strengths & Challenges you may face and how to tune into & flow with your own energy.

We also look at ways to work with specific themes that may be popping up in your life and finally we end off with a small card reading that is channeled as a message from your higher self to clarify & close off the session.

The first session is an over view of your Life Path helping you understand and connect with yourself on a soul level and a look into important elements to work with from there.

Further sessions can be booked to dive even deeper into your unfolding as a unique expression of conciousness.

I look forward to connecting with you.